To learn about the various features of this programming approach, check out the resources below. But first, a quick legend:

  • Objects are preceded by a period, e.g., ‘.btnMyButton’
  • Objects may have child objects, which appear indented below their parent objects
  • Attributes are preceded by a colon, e.g., ‘:txtValue’. Attributes appear indented below their parent objects. By convention, an object’s attributes appear before its child objects
  • <n> denotes an object instance. May be omitted if there is only one instance of an object
  • <> denotes all instances of an object
  • Literal values have a gray background color
  • ‘…’ indicates a value that is unimportant for understanding the example.

Programming with Hilltop – Chapters 1 – 4: From “Hello, World!” to Flappy Bird!

Piano – This is a short video walk-thru demonstrating the programming process using the application editor